Senior care is caring for what others don’t see.  Beyond the band-aids and bandages. Medical charts and equipment.  Senior care is driven and successful by; compassion and love.

Senior Care – Caring for What Others Don’t See!

COVID has revealed that many seniors today are suffering unintended consequences. COVID  has had unintended consequences for many seniors.  Isolation, depression, and poor nutrition have been real and serious side effects of COVID.  While we are coming out on the other side of the pandemic, we as caregivers have a lot of work to do.  Getting seniors back to social situations.  Regaining their ability to go out and shop, walk in the parks, go to centers and do crafts.  Being social is being healthy.  In fact, prior to the pandemic, we wrote about that here; Stay Socially Active.

Many families in Mesa and the entire valley have been asking questions when it comes to in-home senior care. In fact, many families are reporting a dramatic increase in memory issues and the early onset of dementia in the last two years, the start of COVID.  If this is you, AARP has put together an amazing guide in helping seniors re-engage while living with dementia. found here. These activities can be done with or without a caregiver in the home.

Senior Care – Caring for What Others Don’t See!

As a family when evaluating in-home senior care consider the following;

  • Does the agency offer dementia specialists?
  • How do they construct a custom care plan for you and your loved ones?
  • Are their employees, senior. Meaning do they have real experience in senior care?
  • What do they offer in terms of meal preparation? Like we have in Leading Edge Senior Cuisine.
  • Do they have a program for range of motion exercises?

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Remember, we have the ability to care for the things, that can’t be seen.  Our caregivers are there for the family as much as the patient.  Caregiving is full circle, it begins with a conversation. You can do that as well here; CONTACT US


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