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Senior Care & Depression

Senior Care – Caring for What Others Don’t See!

Senior care is caring for what others don’t see.  Beyond the band-aids and bandages. Medical charts and equipment.  Senior care is driven and successful by; compassion and love. Senior Care – Caring for What Others Don’t See! COVID has revealed that many seniors today are suffering unintended consequences. COVID  has had unintended consequences for many seniors.  Isolation, depression, and poor…

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What to do if your elderly parent refuses to bathe

What to do if Your Elderly Parent Refuses to Bathe?

What to do if Your Elderly Parent Refuses to Bathe? What to do if your elderly parent refuses to bathe? This is not a new issue in, in-home senior care.  Whether the care is done by an agency or you as their personal caregiver. There are many reasons that seniors refuse to bathe, these include the beginning stage of dementia,…

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in home senior care

Senior Care & COVID in Mesa and the Valley

Senior Care & COVID in Mesa and the Valley Senior Care in Mesa – COVID Update & the Delta Variant! We receive calls and messages daily asking how and what we are doing with the ever changing landscape of COVID and the CDC. In-home senior care in Mesa and the surrounding valley is being impacted by COVID and the Delta…

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Looking for home care in Mesa

Senior Care & The Hidden Issue of COVID

Senior Care & The Hidden Issue of COVID As we in the health community and those living in the COVID era, there is one area that needs our attention; isolation. Isolation for seniors has become a significant issue. With lockdowns, it was seniors that were impacted the most. Being isolated from family, friends, or even the ability to run simple…

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In Home Care Meal Preparation

Tips for a Healthy & Active Lifestyle for People with Dementia

Tips for a Healthy and Active Lifestyle for People With Dementia Eating healthy and staying active is good for everyone and is especially important for people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. As the disease progresses, finding ways for the person to eat healthy foods and stay active may be increasingly challenging. Here are some tips that may help: Consider different…

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What is Live-In Care for Seniors?

Live-in care for seniors means having a qualified, experienced caregiver at your loved one’s home at all times to care for them and ensure their safety.  This is a great option when your loved one can no longer live by themselves, but does not want to leave their home of many years.  Why Would an Elderly Loved One Need Live-In…

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The Benefits of Caring for the Elderly at Home

Is a family member struggling with dementia or is your senior loved one’s health declining?   When a loved one begins to have issues with everyday living activities, the family can be at a lost of what to do or become confused about who will care for their aging loved one.  This can cause family members to feel like they do…

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How to Give a Bed Bath

How to give a bed bath. When your loved one is bedridden, a bed bath will need to be given.  Giving a bed bath will keep the skin healthy and prevent infections; this is also a good time to check the skin for bed sores or any rashes. Daily baths are not recommended for those with frail skin, give a…

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caregiver feeding elderly woman

How to Care for a Bedridden Senior at Home

How to care for a bedridden senior at home.  If you have a loved one at home who is bedridden, they will need assistance with their care.  When an elder is bedridden it makes it challenging for them to take care of their daily needs, like personal hygiene and eating.  In addition to assisting with their activities of daily living,…

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dementia and alzheimer's care at home

Aromatherapy and Dementia

Aromatherapy and Dementia, there is a connection.  Aromatherapy isn’t just good for reducing anxiety, but it is also effective at easing certain symptoms of dementia/Alzheimer’s.    What is aromatherapy?  Aromatherapy is an ancient practice in which essential oils from plants, herbs, flowers, and trees are used to improve the mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of patients. Essential oils are used by…

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