As you age, it may seem difficult to connect with others.  Staying engaged with family members or socializing with others your age does not have to be hard.  There are a number of ways to stay engaged with family and be socially active with friends.  Below are ways for you to stay socially active: 

  • Plan Time with Family.  Whether it is to meet for dinner or attending a birthday party, planning family time is essential as you age.  Spending time with your grandkids will help you stay involved in their lives. If you have younger grandchildren, offer to babysit or have them spend the night at your house.   
  • Join a Senior Center.  Senior centers are a great way to stay social, they offer many different activities.  The activities available will depend on each senior, but typical activities are art classes, crafts, games like bingo or bridge, and social outings.  Most will also have exercise classes or a gym inside their facility.  Some senior centers will coordinate day trips. 
  • Get a Gym Membership.  If your senior center does not have exercise classes or equipment, then join a gym.  Walk on the treadmill or take a light aerobics or yoga class, this is just for you to stay active and healthy.  Some gyms have pools and offer classes just for seniors.   
  • Go to the Library.  Most libraries have classes for adults, like computer classes or art classes.  This is a great way to stay busy and meet new people. 
  • Join a Bowling League.  Many bowling alleys have senior leagues.  If you enjoy bowling, call a bowling alley near you and find out if they have a league you can join.  This is a fun way to stay active and social.
  • Volunteer.  There are many volunteer opportunities that provide a rewarding experience.  Contact community organizations, zoos, performing arts centers, animal organizations or shelters to learn about their volunteer opportunities. 

These are just a few examples on ways to be socially active.  Start by finding places that offer activities based on your hobbies or things you enjoy doing, then join one or two places and attend a few days a week. 

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