Specialized Care

Our specialty caregivers are not only qualified and experienced, but we also provide them with extensive specialty training so they become experts in specific areas of care to make a positive impact on our clients. Our specialty caregivers provide disease specific services based on individualized care plans.
Our Specialized Care includes:
Dementia or Alzheimer’s:  Our Dementia and Alzheimer’s Specialists are not only qualified and experienced but all Specialists are trained to follow the personalized, engaging care plan. We build care around the person, not the disease, in doing this we incorporate who they were, not just who they are currently. Leading Edge Senior Care believes that our approach will allow seniors dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s to live a happier and more fulfilling life. dementia and alzheimer's care at home
Cognitive Training (Brain Training):  Our Cognitive Training program is administered one-on-one in the comfort of your loved ones home to promote brain health and proactively delay cognitive decline. Our program is designed to cover memory, visual spatial processing, perception, problem solving, and coordination. This program can be a service by itself or incorporated with one of our services.dementia and alzheimer's care at home
Diabetes Management:  Your caregiver is trained to prepare diabetic-friendly meals for proper nutrition, assist in monitoring blood glucose and keeping a daily journal, plus encourage exercising. In addition, these specialized caregivers are trained to recognize when there is an emergency situation.dementia and alzheimer's care at home
Heart Disease:  Our specialized caregivers are trained to understand how to care for someone with heart disease, including how to grocery shop and prepare healthy meals plus assist with regular exercise. All of our caregivers are CPR certified.
COPD:  Living with COPD can be challenging, but our specialized caregivers can help your loved one complete everyday tasks and help them to continue to do activities that he/she enjoys making the days easier for your loved one.
Hospice: This specialized service focuses on comfort and emotional support for the client and family.  Our compassionate, hospice caregivers are highly trained in assisting with activities of daily living such as preparing easy to eat foods, assist with feeding,  personal hygiene, and keeping your loved one comfortable. dementia and alzheimer's care at home




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