Heart Disease

Fluid Buildup & Seniors with Congestive Heart Failure

Fluid Buildup & Seniors with Congestive Heart Failure Fluid buildup and seniors with congestive heart failure is a serious matter. Heart failure, which is also known as congestive heart failure, happens when the heart muscle doesn’t pump blood well enough. When this occurs, blood typically backs up and fluid can accumulate in the lungs, making it difficult to breathe. Overview…

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What is in your Food?

As a Senior how do saturated fats affect my health?

As a Senior how do saturated fats affect my health? As a senior how do saturated fats affect my health? This is a question many seniors face today, with the abundance of processed food available. FACT – If you consume large amounts of saturated fat, it will elevate the level of LDL cholesterol in your blood, which raises your risk…

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Senior Fitness at any age

Best Exercises for Seniors with Heart Disease

Best Exercises for Seniors with Heart Disease Best exercises for seniors with heart disease, it’s important to stay active and exercise regularly. Range of motion exercises is especially critical for your long-term health. A caregiver can be a great help in ensuring that you stay on track with your exercise routine. Here are 10 exercises that are particularly beneficial for…

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Heart Healthy and Seniors in Mesa

Mesa Senior Care Managing Heart Health

Mesa Senior Care Managing Heart Health Managing heart health as a senior is your top priority.  There are many signs as a senior in Mesa you need to be on the lookout for.  Years ago, doctors told seniors to move to Arizona because of how amazing the air quality was.  That was then, this is now.  Senior care starts with…

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Grandma and grandaughter

Thanksgiving Dishes for Seniors with Diet Restrictions

Thanksgiving dishes for seniors with diet restrictions.  Thanksgiving is a time for family to get together.  A Thanksgiving tradition is to enjoy dinner together with some dishes being staples for the holiday.  What if a loved one has heart disease, diabetes, celiac disease, or some other health issue?  This doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy eating some of the traditional…

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Caregiver providing in home care to client with heart failure

How to Live with Heart Failure

Doctors tell their patients with heart failure that they need to make changes with their lives.  Usually this entails changing their eating habits, remembering to take more medications, identifying changes in their bodies and reducing their stress level. This can be very overwhelming for someone dealing with an illness, not to mention the emotions that the person is going through knowing that…

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heart healthy diet

Foods to Eat for a Heart Healthy Diet

It is recommended to eat a heart healthy diet, but what types of foods are included in this type of diet?  Knowing the right type of foods to eat will make eating healthy a lot easier.  Below is a breakdown of healthy foods & foods to limit:  Fats  Fats to choose  Fats to limit  Olive oil  Canola oil  Vegetable and…

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