Senior Care & COVID in Mesa and the Valley

Senior Care in Mesa – COVID Update & the Delta Variant!

We receive calls and messages daily asking how and what we are doing with the ever changing landscape of COVID and the CDC. In-home senior care in Mesa and the surrounding valley is being impacted by COVID and the Delta variant.  Here is what you need to know;

– Many of our caregivers are vaccinated. We continue to educate our caregivers of the pros of vaccinations.

– We do consistent COVID testing on all caregivers and internal staff.

– Our caregivers will wear masks, gloves, and use our COVID sanitizing kit on each visit.

– Temperature checks.

However, as we maintain the line as a company, allow us to make a recommendation. DO NOT isolate from your family again. By thinking you are acting in love, you are causing more pain than what you can see.

The past 5 months have shown us the depression, malnutrition, and other issues that have arisen from senior isolation. It makes dementia worse. It makes small maladies bigger. In short, go about your life, engage, and be cautious. Remember not only for you and your senior loved one the best doctors are – human interaction, sun, exercise, vitamins, and diet. This is paramount to a happy normal life.

One last thing, if you can. Get seniors away from the constant bombardment of negativity that is the news. You can keep your family updated without the constant badgering and fearmongering seen on TV.

To learn more of our COVID policies please click here —–> learn more  In home senior care in Mesa and all over the Valley done safely.

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