Finding the right home care in Mesa or surrounding cities can be overwhelming with all of the choices available.  The first decision you need to make is should you hire a caregiver independently by placing ads, using Facebook, or word of mouth?  Or should you find a locally owned home care agency? 

Here are the questions you need to answer, which will guide you with your decision. 

Do you want to be the employer?

– How will you choose caregivers and verify their information? 

– Will you run criminal background checks?  

– How will you train and supervise the caregivers? 

– What guidelines will I put in place for my caregivers? 

– What will I do when my caregiver calls off? 

– How will I pay my caregiver?   

– Will I be responsible for the employer side of taxes?  

– What do I do if my caregiver is injured in my loved one’s home? Will homeowner’s insurance cover the cost? 

– Will I need the caregiver to provide transportation? Who is liable if there is an accident?   

– What requirements do I need to follow through the Department of Labor? 

I want to use a home care agency 

Questions to ask so you choose the best home care agency in Mesa: 

– Are the caregivers considered W2 employees or 1099 Contractors?   

If they are 1099 contractors, hang up the phone and choose another home care agency immediately!!   

– Does the agency provide a free, no obligation in home consultation?  

If they don’t, how will they know the exact type of care that is needed for your loved one before sending a caregiver?  Move to the next home care agency, you will not receive personalized care if an agency cannot provide a free consultation. 

– Are the caregivers insured and bonded through the Home Care Agency? 

This is important because if there is an accident, what happens?  Who is liable?  You want an agency that carries insurance and their caregivers are bonded. 

–  Does the in home care agency complete background checks, drug testing, request fingerprint cards, complete reference checks, MVD checks on their caregivers? 

They should know who they are hiring and sending to your or your loved one’s home.   

–  Does the Home Care Agency provide training? Are their caregivers CPR/First Aid Certified? 

Training is very important and should never be overlooked.  This is the person who is going to be caring for your loved one, don’t you think they should be trained and CPR/First Aid certified? 

Families can be overwhelmed when trying to decide on home care for a loved one.  There are many options to consider, but doing your research and asking a lot of questions can help relieve the pressure of making such a crucial decision.  Two things to remember:  One, hiring a caregiver on your own puts all the responsibility on you and your family especially if something goes wrong.  Two, not all home care agencies are the same.  Arizona does not license home care agencies, so there are many different options.  The questions above will help you in choosing the best home care agency. 

Have questions, we would be happy to discuss your home care needs and answer your questions.  Call today (480) 618-5995. 

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