Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a chronic inflammatory lung disease that causes obstructed airflow from the lungs. Symptoms include breathing difficulty, cough, mucus (sputum) production and wheezing (Source: Mayo Clinic).  
Our specialized caregivers are specifically trained in COPD. A challenge for those with COPD is having enough energy to complete daily tasks.  Our caregivers will help your loved one complete everyday tasks and help them to continue to do activities that he/she enjoys. 
To reduce and control the symptoms of COPD, caregivers can assist your loved one to embrace a healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle that focuses on stopping smoking (if he/she continues to smoke), low impact exercising (approved by physician), and planning/preparing healthy meals. The proper diet, along with the physical activity recommended by your health care team, will keep your arm, chest, and leg muscles strong and your heart and lungs well supplied with oxygen. 
Our caregivers can be there for your loved one to help him/her cope with COPD.  Below are a few examples of tasks they will assist with: 
  • Medication Reminders 
  • Conserving Energy 
  • Meal Planning/Preparation 
  • Personal Care Assistance, if needed 
  • Implementation of a light home exercise program 
  • Errands 
  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments 
  • Housekeeping/Laundry 
Although COPD is a progressive disease that gets worse over time, COPD is treatable. With proper management, most people with COPD can achieve good symptom control and quality of life, as well as reduced risk of other associated conditions according to the Mayo Clinic.  Having one of our caregivers will have an impact your loved ones quality of life. 
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