Dementia is not a single condition, it is a broad term that describes a collection of symptoms that relate to memory loss, issues with understanding and difficulty thinking.  Dementia effects a person’s personality, plus there will be a gradual decline in a person’s capability to perform everyday tasks that can include activities of daily living.  Although memory is the most distinct area affected in the early stages of dementia, other notable cognitive changes that will become noticeable as the person’s condition worsens will include:  organization, judgement, perception, reasoning, language, and the ability to handle stress or change. 

Dementia is progressive, which means the symptoms will gradually get worse as more brain cells become damaged and eventually die.  It is a symptom of many underlying diseases and brain disorders.  

Dementia is not a typical part of aging, it is always brought on by something. Before discussing the causes of dementia, it is important to understand the symptoms of dementia. 

There is common forgetfulness that happens to everyone. Common things we forget are: 

  • Names  
  • Where we put something  
  • Loss of words  
  • What we walked into a room for  
  • Where we parked our car  

As we age, our brains change like our physical capabilities change.  Everyone will notice:  

  • Slower recollection  
  • Forgetfulness  
  • Difficulty multi-tasking 
  • Not able to learn new things quickly 

All of these things are completely normal.  The time for concern is when the forgetfulness has started to interfere with a person’s daily life and their ability to safely care for their self.   

Our Core Brain Training System (Cognitive Training) is an approach that uses guided practice on structured tasks with the direct aim of improving or maintaining cognitive abilities.   

It is vital that you have the right type of caregiver working with your loved one, this will make a difference in their quality of life.  Our Dementia Specialist have 6+ years of experience with Dementia/Alzheimer’s clients and understand the importance of providing specific care and companionship for each individual’s needs.  In addition, they incorporate our Core Brain Training system into their care to assist in prolonging their cognitive abilities. 

To learn more about our Dementia/Alzheimer’s services and our Core Brain Training System, Call to speak with one of our Care Manager (480) 618-5995. 

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