Getting older doesn’t mean that you sit at home and binge watch your favorite show.  This is the best time to engage in a lifestyle that you will take pleasure in.  Retirement allows more time for seniors to enjoy hobbies, travelling, spending time with family, and socializing with friends. 

Here are a few benefits that derive from being social: 

  • Increases Your Quality of Life.  Staying engaged in activities that you enjoy and socializing with family and friends provides satisfaction as you age.  Even little things like meeting for a cup of coffee will strengthen your quality of life.
  • Promotes Good Health.  Engaging in social activities improves your physical and mental health.  Stimulating the brain through hobbies, games, conversation, and other social activities helps keep your brain healthy which can assist with your memory as you age. 
  • Brings True Happiness.  Many seniors become depressed as they age because they often feel lonely.  When you are socially active, you are less inclined to deal with depression.  Interacting with others, being with family, and exercising will encourage a positive mindset.   

Having a circle of friends that you can depend on will also help you deal with any changes that arise in your life from losing a loved one to dealing with medical issues.  There are community centers, day programs, or libraries that arrange classes, bingo, socials, book clubs, sports, exercise classes, plus other activities for seniors.  Not to mention, many volunteer opportunities that will keep you active while giving back to the community.  

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