Controlling your diabetes is an everyday challenge, which can be overwhelming.  The daily effort is worth it and you can experience the benefits immediately of having control over your diabetes.  You will feel better and have more energy to do the things you enjoy.  Many people think that taking medication is enough, but this is not the case; you must learn how to manage your diabetes beyond taking medication. 

Below are ways for you to manage your diabetes: 

  • Reduce Stress.  Stress can increase your blood sugar.  If you are feeling anxious or stressed, find a hobby that you enjoy doing or take a walk.  Doing something that brings you enjoyment will reduce your stress level.
  • Have extra pounds?  Lose a few pounds, this will impact your blood sugar levels and blood pressure.  This does not have to be a drastic number, can be a few pounds slow and gradually. 
  • Exercise. Even if you are not overweight, exercise will have a positive impact on your diabetes.  This is great to decrease your blood sugar, not to mention give you a mood booster.  You don’t have to become a body builder or a runner, just spend 20 – 30 minutes a day being active.  This can be walking, biking, swimming, playing tennis, etc.  Join a gym and walk on the treadmill or take a low impact aerobics class.  
  • Meal Plan.  Planning ahead will ensure that you are eating right and have the best food options at home.  Your diet needs to be low in fat, calories, sugar, and salt. Eat high fiber foods that are made from whole grains and beans.  Avoid processed foods and sugar.  You can use a sugar substitute or coconut sugar as a sweetener in coffee/tea and baked goods.  Skip sugary drinks like juice and soda, drink more water.  A Mediterranean diet is a great option to try.  If you need help with a meal plan, talk to a nutritionist or a diabetic dietician.
  • Routine Appointments.  Don’t skip routine doctor appointments and testing, most of these will be yearly appointments unless your doctor recommends more visits.  These appointments are not limited to your physician; you will need to have your eyes, teeth, and feet checked annually.

If you are having a hard time managing your diabetes by yourself, Call Us to learn how we can help (480) 618-5995. 

It can become a lot to deal with and cause stress or depression to do it by yourself, having a support person will alleviate the stress and pressure in remembering everything that needs to be done.  Having diabetes is a constant struggle that will be easier to manage with a caregiver.  Someone who understands your needs and that can exercise with you or cook meals, remind you of your appointments and go with you.  This can make all of the difference in how you deal with and manage your diabetes.  Having diabetes just means that you need to make some life changes, but you can still do everything you enjoyed doing previously and live an enjoyable life. 

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