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Senior Fitness at any age

Best Exercises for Seniors with Heart Disease

Best Exercises for Seniors with Heart Disease Best exercises for seniors with heart disease, it’s important to stay active and exercise regularly. Range of motion exercises is especially critical for your long-term health. A caregiver can be a great help in ensuring that you stay on track with your exercise routine. Here are 10 exercises that are particularly beneficial for…

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Heart Healthy and Seniors in Mesa

Mesa Senior Care Managing Heart Health

Mesa Senior Care Managing Heart Health Managing heart health as a senior is your top priority.  There are many signs as a senior in Mesa you need to be on the lookout for.  Years ago, doctors told seniors to move to Arizona because of how amazing the air quality was.  That was then, this is now.  Senior care starts with…

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Young woman serving dinner for elderly woman in living room

Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

As you get older, you are more at risk of having heart problems like heart disease.  Maintaining a healthy heart is important for any age, but for seniors it has to be a significant part of life. Here are a few ways to support a healthy heart:  Eat Healthy.  A consistent healthy diet is the first step to a healthy…

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