The Hidden Pain of COVID 19

As we in the health community and those living in the COVID era, there is one area that needs our attention; isolation. Isolation for seniors has become a significant issue.

With lockdowns it was seniors that were impacted the most. Being isolated from family, friends, or even the ability to run simple errands. Now that Arizona, Mesa and the surrounding cities begin to open, seniors are having a hard time adapting.

You and I may have jumped right back into the swing of things socially. Seniors, their struggle with social anxiety is real. As caretakers or family members of our loved ones, we must learn to patiently integrate those affected by the COVID 19 lockdowns.


– Do not force socialization. Start slow.

– Find familiar activities your senior or loved one enjoys doing and schedule those first.

– Do NOT become frustrated with pushback if they choose not to go out right away.

– Have friends, pastors, priests, those with influence stop by.

– Have grandchildren or the little Ones encourage grandma or grandpa to join them in an outing.

– Stay masked yourself. Even if your fully vaccinated, show support for your loved one by making them feel secure.

Social anxiety & being locked down and isolated for 18 months is real. Be patient, be loving, but be persistent. Body in motion stays in motion. Get seniors away from the TV and all the crazy news and get them out and about! Their mental is just as important as their physical health.

How do we respond to the constant changes on COVID 19 guidance? <CLICK HERE>

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