10 Powerful Ways to Prevent Skin Breakdown in Seniors

10 Powerful Ways to Prevent Skin Breakdown in Seniors

Skin breakdown, commonly known as pressure ulcers or bedsores, is a prevalent concern among seniors who spend extended periods in bed or sitting. This condition occurs due to constant pressure or friction damaging the skin and underlying tissues. To effectively address skin breakdown in seniors, we present ten gentle and compassionate approaches to promote skin health and prevent complications.

1. Repositioning for Relief

Encourage frequent repositioning of seniors to relieve pressure on specific areas. For those bedridden or sitting for extended periods, repositioning every two hours can reduce pressure-related skin issues.

2. Nourishment for Skin Health

Ensure seniors maintain a balanced diet and stay well-hydrated. Adequate nutrition plays a vital role in promoting skin health and healing.

3. Supportive Padding

Use pressure-reducing mattresses, pillows, or chair cushions to distribute pressure evenly, minimizing the risk of skin breakdown.

4. Cleanliness and Hydration

Keep the senior’s skin clean and dry to prevent infections. Gently cleanse with mild soap and warm water, followed by moisturizing to keep the skin hydrated.

5. Appropriate Dressings for Wound Care

Apply suitable dressings or bandages to protect existing wounds and aid healing. Consult healthcare professionals for guidance on the most suitable dressings.

6. Vigilant Skin Inspections

Regularly inspect the senior’s skin for any signs of redness, discoloration, or breakdown. Early detection allows for prompt intervention.

7. Moisture Management

Manage moisture levels using absorbent products or moisture barriers to prevent excessive sweating, a contributing factor to skin breakdown.

8. Gentle Physical Activity

Encourage seniors to engage in light physical activities that promote circulation, such as gentle stretching or range-of-motion exercises, to maintain healthy skin.

9. Weight Management

Assist seniors in maintaining a healthy weight, as excess weight can increase pressure on the skin and susceptibility to breakdown.

10. Seeking Medical Advice

Promptly seek medical advice if skin breakdown occurs or worsens despite preventive measures. Healthcare professionals can provide appropriate treatment options tailored to individual needs.


In dealing with skin breakdown, compassion and gentle care play a crucial role. By adopting these ten gentle approaches, seniors can better manage their skin health, prevent skin breakdown, and maintain overall well-being. Always consult your caregiver/Leading Edge Senior Care for personalized advice and treatment plans to ensure the best care for seniors’ skin health.

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