Arthritis is defined as a group of conditions that cause joint inflammation and pain. Many seniors battle with the effects of having arthritis.  Dealing with arthritis and the pain it brings, can cause them to struggle with their daily activities. In addition, throbbing, stiff joints can create a situation where the person stops doing things they enjoy and moving around to avoid the discomfort of having arthritis. 

Ways to Manage Arthritis

There are ways to manage arthritis.  Commonly, doctors will prescribe medication to relieve the pain and inflammation.  However, there are other ways to manage your arthritis that may also slow the progression of the disease while treating the symptoms. 

Effective Home Remedies to Manage Arthritis:
  • Heat Therapy:  Heat will boost circulation while soothing stiff joints and sore muscles. This can consist of soaking in a warm bath or taking a warm shower to relieve joint stiffness.  You can place a heating pad on throbbing joints.
  • Cold Therapy:  Different than heat therapy, but can be just as of effective.  Cold therapy restricts blood vessels, which slows circulation, reduces swelling, and numbs pain.  You can use an ice pack or wrap ice in a towel and place it on the area that is causing pain.  Only keep the cold pack on for 20 minutes.
  • Massage:  According to the Arthritis Foundation,  massaging the muscles and joints can help soothe pain resulting from arthritis.  You can rub the muscles with peppermint oil mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil.
  • Exercise:  This is very important to include into your daily routine.  There are various types of exercises that you can do, here are a few examples:

Pool exercises can help people with arthritis. Water supplies resistance, which helps increase exercise intensity.  At the same time, the lightness that the water provides helps support body weight, this relieves pressure on the joints.

Tai chi is a low-impact workout which includes slow and gentle movements to increase flexibility, muscle strength, and balance.

Walking is another form of low impact exercising that can help keep your joints flexible.  If you don’t like to walk, you can try cycling or even use a stationary bike to ride while you watch your favorite tv show.

  • Healthy Diet:  Eating a healthy diet rich in nutrients is important.  According to Medical News Today, Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation in the body and play a role in regulating the immune system. In addition, Vitamin D builds strong bones and helps maintain the function of the immune system.

Arthritis is a progressive condition that causes pain and stiffness in the joints. Many different medication interventions are available, but using home remedies alongside these may be more effective in relieving pain and increasing mobility.

Having a caregiver who can be a companion to do exercises with, provide mobility assistance to protect against falls, assist with meal preparation, and housework may be beneficial for you or your loved one.  To learn more about how a caregiver can help when you are dealing with arthritis, Call Today (480) 618-5995.

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