Wheelchair safety tips for seniors.  When a loved one must rely on a wheelchair for mobility, it can be difficult to get used to.  Not all wheelchairs are the same, so you need to ensure you are purchasing the right type of wheelchair for your loved one.  Below are some tips on wheelchair safety. 

Wheelchair safety tips 

Good fit: A wheelchair needs to be comfortable and a good fit, especially if your loved one needs to be in their wheelchair for long periods of time.  A physical or occupational therapist can assist in choosing the right type of wheelchair for their needs.   

Use the Brakes: It is easy to forget to put the brakes on, but this is something that is very important to remember to keep your loved one safe.  Never let your loved one get out of the wheelchair unless the brakes are on, if not this can cause him/her to fall. 

Foot Rests:  If you are assisting a loved one getting out of their wheelchair, remember to move the foot rests.  This step can easily be forgotten, which can cause the person to be injured. 

Pathways: Rugged terrain, such as a park path or gravel driveway, can lead to tip-over accidents. Try to stay on paved walkways and drives.  Also, keep pathways at home free of clutter. 

Chair Inspection: You should routinely inspect the wheelchair. You will want to check to ensure the wheels are secure and the tires aren’t low on air. The medical supply company you are renting the chair from should be able to provide details on how to inspect the wheelchair. 

Cleaning:  Your wheelchair needs to be cleaned frequently just like any other type of medical equipment.  You will want to wipe down with cleaner the seat, handles, arms, and tires of the wheelchair.  Make sure to get in the crevices of the seat because debris can build up. 

Whether a senior has used a wheelchair for years or is adjusting to a new wheelchair, these safety tips will pertain to them.   

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