GPS Devices for Wandering Seniors with Dementia

GPS Devices for Wandering Seniors with Dementia are a great way to keep your loved one safe.  According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Six in 10 people with dementia will wander. This can be very dangerous because a person living with Alzheimer’s may not know their name, where they live, or phone number.  Seniors with dementia/Alzheimer’s can become confused even in familiar areas.  Luckily, there are ways to prevent wondering when an elder has dementia/Alzheimer’s.

Ways to Keep Your Loved One from Wandering

Keeping your loved safe, while allowing them to maintain their independence can be a delicate balance.  Location devices are a good way to keep track of your loved one in case they wander, but also allows them to have their independence.

Devices are typically worn on a belt, placed in a pocket, connected to their key chain, or may be carried like cell phones.

Location Tracking Apps

These devices are GPS trackers that will help you locate your loved one if they wander.  GPS trackers are designed to give peace of mind to families while keeping dementia patients safe. These location devices are integrated with GPS tracking technology, allowing dementia patients to be found whenever they wander off outside defined areas. Some of these devices even offer the ability for you to call your loved one with an automated pick up.  When your loved one wanders out of the defined area that you set, you will receive an alert on your cell phone. 

GPS Tracking Devices:

Angel Sense




GPS Medical Alert

Go Safe 2

Dementia is a major issue among the elderly and is a growing problem.  The number of seniors with dementia is expected to increase to 14 million by 2050.  GPS trackers can be a highly valuable device with your elder care plan.  It’s important to research your options and to choose best and most reliable GPS tracking option for you and your loved one. 

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