Keeping seniors connected to family during the coronavirus is extremely important during this time.  During this time of social distancing and the Center for Disease Control recommending seniors 60 and older stay home due to the higher risk of complications due to the coronavirus in older people, seniors can really feel isolated, lonely, or fall into a depression.  This is why it is extremely important to keep seniors engaged with family and friends, even if it is virtually. 

How to Keep Seniors Connected to Family During the Coronavirus 

Even though family and friends cannot physically come visit, they can still spend time together.  Spending time together doesn’t have to be in person, it can be virtually.  There are so many apps and websites that allow people to connect virtually.  This is how to keep seniors connected during the coronavirus.  Also, this is a good way for family to ensure they are safe and healthy.  

Ways to Stay in Touch: 
  • Let’s begin with smartphones.  Not just talking on the phone, but using FaceTime or an app like Skype or WhatsApp to video chat.  It is important to see your loved one to ensure that he/she is doing good, health wise.  This is a great way to interact, grandchildren can play a game with grandma or grandpa.  It can be as simple as 20 questions or a board game like Sorry. Being creative will make this period of time easier for everyone to deal with. 
  • If the senior does not have a smartphone, a simple to use tablet like Grandpad is an easy way for him/her to stay connected.  This is not your typical tablet, it is designed with seniors in mind and is only made for seniors to make it simple for them to use. 
  • To put a smile on their face, a digital photo frame is a great way for them to see family throughout the day.  You will need the frame that you can upload photos through the app then they are displayed on the digital photo frame.  Some even have the ability to upload short videos. 

Keeping seniors connected with family during the coronavirus can be done with a little creativity.  These are easy ideas that our caregivers can teach your loved ones.  In addition, our caregivers can provide companionship, run errands, grocery shop, prepare meals, complete housekeeping tasks, plus so much more. Call today (480) 618-5995 to find out how our caregivers can assist your loved ones.  


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