Basic tech tips for seniors.  Technology can be very helpful in the daily lives of seniors, but it is consistently evolving and can be a bit intimidating.  It is important to help older adults understand and stay up to date with all of the new technology, so they can keep up with their families. 

Basic Tips to Help Seniors Be Tech Savvy: 
Change the settings so it is easier to see 

Computers, tablets, and smartphones have settings to increase text size and add brightness.  Assist them to change these options by going to settings and clicking on ease of access, accessibility, and/or personalization.   

Don’t Miss a Call/Text:  Check Your Volume 

Are you missing calls or texts because you don’t hear it ringing or the notification for text messages?  First make sure your volume is turned up. Next test different ringtones to find the best one that will alert you that someone is calling or you received a text message. 

Go to Settings>Sounds and choose from a number of sounds for notifications.  To adjust your ringtone, go to Settings>Sound. You’ll find a list of sound options to use as your ringtone. 

Write Down Your Passwords 

First don’t use passwords that are simple to figure out like abc1234, you need to use a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters.  Write down your passwords in a journal for each website so you don’t forget what they are.   

Know online etiquette 

One thing not to do when writing emails or on social media sites is to write with the caps lock turned on because this is typically read as yelling or anger. Also before you use emojis or internet slang, know the meanings. 

Change privacy settings on social media 

You will want to change your privacy settings on social media websites, like Facebook, to private. If you leave your settings on public, anyone in the world can see your posts and photos you share.  

On Facebook, click your account in the upper right hand corner.  Next click on Settings & Privacy, then click privacy on the left hand side. Under privacy and settings, you can change all of the settings. 

Choose Touch Screens  

Touch screens are easier for seniors to use than a traditional computer.  Choose a tablet instead of a desk top, plus a tablet is portable.   If you prefer a computer, choose a touch screen laptop.  

Be careful of  emails received and friend requests 

Unfortunately, there are many scams that target people online.  Only communicate with people you know offline through email and chats on social media.  Scammers are getting very good at making their emails appear to be from a family member, friend or company, look at the sender’s email to verify it is in fact from a friend, family member, or legitimate company.  If the email address looks odd, do not open it and definitely never click on links. 

Reach Out if You Need Help 

Don’t be embarrassed or afraid to ask a family member for help or take a class at the library.  Most family members will love to help you and it is a great time to bond with your grandchild or son/daughter.   




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