Leading Edge Senior Care has created a seamless process to make starting home care services as easy as 1-2-3.  When you need home care services, you shouldn’t have to guess at what is next.  This should not be a difficult process for you or your loved one.

Whether you are ready to begin services tomorrow or are planning for the future, our Care Managers can assist you in figuring out what type of service is needed for your loved one.

We developed the 6 Contact Point System so you know what is next and are informed through our process.  Below is the 6 Contact Points:

Initial Phone Call 

This is the initial contact with you or a family member to get a general idea of what is going on and the care that is needed.  Then we schedule an in-home assessment. 

Complimentary In-Home Assessment   

One of our Care Managers meet with you and family members to discuss the specifics of the type of care that is needed.  He/she will complete a detailed assessment to assist in deciding on the exact care that is needed.  Our in-home assessment takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete.  With this information, an individualized care plan will be created and the right caregiver will be chosen to work with you. We specialize in an individualized matching process, carefully considering our client’s needs, personality, and preference.  

Introduction of Caregiver (Services Begin) 

Your Care Manager will accompany the caregiver for the first visit to introduce him/her to you and bring your personalized care book.   

Phone Call After First Visit  

Your Care Manager will call the client or designated person to follow up. 

In-Home Visit after first week of services  

Your Care Manager will visit after the first week of services to ensure everything is going well and to make any needed changes to the care plan. 

Ongoing Monthly/Quarterly Visits  

After the first visit, your Care Manager will perform monthly or quarterly visits.   

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