Meal Preparation

Meal Preparation

Meal preparation or meal prep goes hand in hand with senior care.  Proper meal prep, nutrition, and quality of meals go a long way in health. Meal preparation is more than heating up a frozen dinner with high fat & sodium content found in the freezer section; this is why Leading Edge Senior Care has created our own recipe collection with hundreds of recipes for various diet restrictions and preferences called Leading Edge Senior Cuisine.

Leading Edge Senior Cuisine

Leading Edge Senior Care, when we began years ago, immediately launched Leading Edge Senior Cuisine. Why? Simple, meal prep and nutrition are at the heart and soul of senior care. We have found beyond the obvious in meal prep;

  • The role nutrition plays in those living with dementia.
  • Dealing with high blood pressure? We have a meal plan for you!
  • Do you struggle with food allergies? We have constructed meal plans for any allergy.
  • Can a meal plan assist in stroke recovery? Yes, specialized meal plans can help in regaining strength.
  • Dealing with diabetes? You are not alone. 2 in 4 seniors in Arizona deal with diabetes. We can construct a meal plan for you!

This is to name just a small few reasons we created and published cookbooks and meal plans! In the end, we see seniors and families across Mesa and the valley struggle in the area of eating.  As we age, the “want” or “desire” to cook decreases. There is no longer a large house or you simply cannot do it for yourself or your loved one anymore physically. We then lean on those meals we shouldn’t be eating!

What Are Your Options?

Think of nutrition this way, it is not “one size fits all.” Meaning, in meal prep and nutrition, it is about custom cooking solutions. Knowing your background. Health. Plus what you like and do not like to eat! Nutrition does not have to be bland. You should look forward to your meals! That is what our Meal Prep Specialists do. Yes, their background is in senior care. Their specialty however is in meal prep. We have 100’s and 100’s of recipes. Here is a small sample of our cookbooks;


In-Home Senior Care Meal Prep

In-home senior care meal prep is where a Meal Prep Specialist comes to your home or that of a loved one. What is involved and what is the next step?

  • In-home care consultation. Our care manager will come to you, sit down and learn more about your likes/dislikes and nutritional needs.
  • We will craft a custom menu.
  • There are no weekly minimums for care. Meaning, if you are looking for meal prep once a week or three times a week, you choose.
  • The Meal Prep Specialist can even go and shop for the ingredients in advance to ensure quality and freshness.
  • The Meal Prep Specialist will prepare the meals, label, date, freeze, or serve them contingent on service.





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