Senior Bath Visit – Safety

Senior Bath Visits – Safety

Bathrooms can be a hazard for seniors due to the slippery surfaces, getting in/out of the shower, or having to climb into a bathtub to sit on their shower chair. One out of four seniors fall each year and approximately 80% of the falls happen in the bathroom. Most common causes of falls in the bathroom are:

  • Slippery, wet floors
  • Tripping on the bathmat
  • Bad lighting
  • Bending over or lifting a foot to wash their feet
  • Climbing into the bathtub
  • Overexerting themselves

Senior Bath Visits with Leading Edge Senior Care

Leading Edge Senior Care offers bath only visits in Mesa and surrounding areas. We provide in-home bathing assistance, which includes: bathing, personal hygiene (lotion, brushing hair, foot care, oral hygiene, etc.), dressing, and mobility assistance if needed. Visits are 1 hour. You will have the same caregiver every visit, whether that is once a week or three times a week.

An experienced caregiver can limit the fear of falling and establish a routine that provides dignity and allows your loved one to enjoy bathing again.

Showering can become a negative for a senior due to dementia, fear of falling, pain, or the amount of energy it takes for them to bathe themselves.  Bathing is important to establish proper hygiene, plus it makes seniors feel refreshed afterward.

Senior Bath Visits to Ease into Home Care

In home bath visits are a great way to introduce home care services to your loved one that is against the idea of having a caregiver for many hours a day. Leading Edge Senior Care has years of experience assisting families get the care that their loved one needs.

Call today (480) 618-5995 or complete our form below to talk to someone about our bath visit services and to schedule a free in-home care consultation.

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