What is Cognitive Training?  This is a question that people may ask if you have never heard of Cognitive Training, also known as Brain Training.  Just how the rest of your body needs movement (exercise), so does your brain.  Think of it as a brain fitness program.  Cognitive training is beneficial for seniors with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. The idea is to improve or maintain your cognitive abilities; this training uses particular exercises that target specific cognitive functions in order to optimize functioning to improve daily life.

Cognitive impairment, a defining characteristic of dementia, plays a major role in the compromised functional independence that defines the condition. Cognitive Training (Brain Training) is an approach that uses guided practice on structured tasks with the direct aim of improving or maintaining cognitive abilities.  

Through research, it has been uncovered that our brains can keep adapting and developing new abilities throughout our lifetime.  The science behind Cognitive Training is called neuroplasticity, this is the ability to reorganize and create new pathways.  Simply put, Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to adapt.  Research has shown that systematic brain training (cognitive training) can potentially result in the improvement of a number of cognitive skills including attention, working memory, problem solving abilities, and functioning.

The goal of our Cognitive Training program, unique to our home care agency known as our Core Brain Training system,  is to be enjoyable by selecting activities that target attention, visual perception, memory, and language that are just challenging enough so that the program improves our client’s cognitive abilities, overall engagement, and long – term happiness.  

Our Core Brain Training program is completed one-on-one in the comfort of your loved one’s home to promote brain health and proactively postpone cognitive decline. We will plan themed activities that aim to provide stimulation for thinking, concentration and memory. Activities can include number games, creativity and categorizing, plus the use of online brain training activities.  

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