Being healthy is just not about what we eat, staying active helps keep you healthy in addition to a well-balanced diet.  Exercising for seniors is more than staying in shape and having strong muscles, exercising can have a positive impact on your mental well-being as well. For seniors in Arizona, this is a great time of year to exercise outdoors.  

Ways exercise benefits us as we age: 

  • Cardiovascular Health.  Adding exercising into your daily routine will strengthen your heart and reduce your blood pressure and improve the performance of your cardiovascular system.  You will gain a high endurance level, which means as you age simple tasks like walking up the stairs, doing housework, or being active will be easy to do as you age. 
  • Bone Health.  Exercising improves overall bone health when adding resistance training and weight training; this can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. 
  • Prevents Falls. As we get older, a fall can be harmful accidents that lead to fractures, head injury, and immobility.  Being flexible and having good balance, you will be able to react and prevent a fall.  Balance and flexibility focused exercises like Pilates is very beneficial as we age. 
  • A Good Night Sleep.  Regular exercise helps you have a deeper sleep so you wake up refreshed in the morning and energized.  As seniors, body systems begin to slow down, but having a good night’s sleep can support cognitive functions like concentration and memory.  In addition, you will be more alert during the day which can prevent injuries. 
  • Reduces Depression.  Exercising makes us happier.  This occurs by endorphins (natural chemical) being released when we exercise, which boosts our mood.   

The benefits of exercising can change how we live and feel in a short period of time.  If you don’t want to exercise by yourself recruit a workout partner or join a group fitness class. 

Call today, (480) 618-5995, to find out how one of our caregivers can assist you with your exercise program.  One of our companions can guide you through your exercise program or even exercise with you!

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