Home Safety Tips for Seniors

As seniors age, it is important to take safety precautions to ensure a safe home environment to prevent falls and injuries.  Below are ways to improve home safety for the elderly: 

  • Remove clutter, make sure there is enough space to walk freely in every room without bumping into anything.  In addition, remove any items that have pointed corners, like end tables, that can cause an injury if fallen into.
  • Remove area rugs, throw rugs, and carpet runners to prevent a fall.  These rugs can easily be tripped on. 
  • Make sure all stair railings are sturdy.  Keep this area well lit, if there is not a light switch at the top and bottom of the stairs install a wall light that is battery operated and sticks to the wall so it can be turned on and off when needed.   
  • Make sure there are not any loose cords or wires hanging or on the floor where they can be tripped on.  Plug lamps into the closest outlet to prevent tripping on the cord. 
  • Keep emergency phone numbers and family numbers next to each phone in the home so they are easily accessible in an emergency. 
  • Change the batteries regularly in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.  If these are not in the home, install smoke detectors on each floor in the home, in every bedroom, and in hallways outside of bedrooms.  Install a carbon monoxide detector in the home that has an alarm. 
  • Get a medical alert system. You can notify emergency personnel that you need assistance with a touch of a button.   
  • Have a lamp in your bedroom, plus keep a flashlight and phone within reach of the bed. 
  • Add grab bars to the shower, bathtub, and toilet to prevent falls.  Use nonslip mats in front of the bathtub or shower to prevent slipping when getting out of the bath.  Consider using a shower bench in the bathtub or shower. 
  • Make sure the entire home is well lit.  Add bright light bulbs, night lights, and connect light switches to devices like the Amazon Eco or Google Home so you can turn a light on with your voice so you are not walking around in the dark.   

Making a few modifications to the home can prevent an emergency.  It is important to keep a safe home environment. Take a few minutes and check your home for safety, it can make a difference in having an emergency or not. 

Having a caregiver to ensure a safe environment and assist with fall prevention, may give you the peace of mind that you need knowing that your loved one has someone with them when you cannot be.

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