10 Signs of the Early Onset of Dementia

Senior Care and Senior #health goes far beyond what we can see! In fact, we focus so much of our time and energy on the visual, that we miss signs of a disease, dementia. Dementia is sweeping through #Phoenix. When evaluating if you or a loved one needs in-home senior care, use this as a guide. Dementia is real, even if your loved one, “looks healthy” there could be a underlying issue that needs to be addressed today. Do not wait!

There is NO cure for dementia. However, through cognitive therapy we can help maintain a seniors memory and quality of life. We cannot reverse, but we can help keep them at status quo! A custom care plan is essential. Make your visits more about mental and changes in attitude, then is mom or dad moving slower or unsteady. YES, that is important, what you can’t see could have a greater consequence! For more click or copy & paste this link ——-> https://buff.ly/38HnVzd 

Looking for more? Here is a resource that we love ——-> https://www.alz.org/help-support/resources/memory-loss-concerns

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