Personal Care Assistance

As we mature, our needs change. The things that were once simple to perform become complicated. It can be difficult for a loved one to no longer be independent with their personal care needs (called activities of daily living). The focus of Leading Edge Senior Care is to allow seniors to remain at home in lieu of entering into an assisted living community, nursing home or group home. Personal Care Assistance can help a senior stay in the comfort of their own home.  We also help your loved one maintain independence. They’re in control; we’re just there to help and guide. Our Personal Care Assistants provide personal care assistance in a professional, respectful manner.   
Personal Care Assistance is available from 2 hours to 24 hours a day.  If you need 24 hours a day, see our Live In service.  
What types of services are available?

Our personal care assistants can help your loved ones in many different ways. Below is a list of services we provide: 

Personal Care Assistance includes: 

  • Bathing or Showering 
  • Incontinence Care 
  • Toileting 
  • Grooming 
  • Shaving 
  • Oral Hygiene 
  • Maintaining mobility: transferring, walking and using mechanical aids 
  • Dressing 
  • Exercises, according to care plan. 

Personal Care Assistants also provide companionship and housekeeping assistance, these include: 

Personal Interaction: 

  • Engaging in companionship and conversation 
  • Playing games and cards 
  • Watching movies 
  • Creating a family scrapbook 
  • Building a puzzle 
  • Encouraging participation with crafts or other hobbies 
  • Helping read 
  • Assisting with morning wake-up and evening tuck-in 
  • Helping select clothes and assist with dressing 
  • Medication Reminders 
  • Meal planning and preparation 
  • Grocery shopping & running errands 
  • Monitoring eating patterns and diet 
  • Inspecting food expiration dates 
  • Completing all of the housekeeping 
  • Laundry 
  • Changing bed linens 
  • Pet Care 
  • Maintaining a calendar 
  • Arranging appointments and providing reminders 
  • Facility Sitting 

Social Interaction: 

  • Planning and accompanying to recreational activities/outings 
  • Visiting neighbors and friends 
  • Encouraging participation in community activities 
  • Monitoring visitors 
  • Providing transportation to: 
  • Doctor appointments 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Social outings 
  • Lunch or dinner 
  • Plays and concerts 
  • Movies 
  • Religious services 
  • Sporting events 
  • Plus other places, he/she needs transportation.
Would you like more information or to schedule a free in-home care assessment with no obligation to you?  Call (480) 618-5995. 
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