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Senior Care for NPH Dementia

Senior Care for NPH Dementia Senior care for NPH Dementia. What is it? In short, it is excess cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) buildup in the brain’s ventricles is what causes normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH), a brain disorder that results in impaired thinking and reasoning, mobility issues, and urinary incontinence. Understanding the Diagnosis Excess cerebrospinal fluid accumulating in the brain’s ventricles is…

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Senior Hoyer Lifts for In-Home Care

Senior Hoyer Lifts for In-Home Care¬† Senior Hoyer lifts for in-home care. Too many family caregivers attempt to move and shift seniors with little to no mobility by themselves, endangering both their health and the seniors. Back injuries, chronic pain, and falls often result from trying to manually lift someone. There are devices that can help make these daily tasks…

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The Power of Music & Dementia

The Power of Music & Dementia The power of music and dementia for senior care is invaluable. Studies show that people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia can experience emotional and behavioral benefits from listening to or singing songs. A person’s musical memory is often one of the last memories to fade because key brain areas linked…

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