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Keeping Seniors Connected to Family During the Coronavirus

Keeping seniors connected to family during the coronavirus is extremely important during this time.  During this time of social distancing and the Center for Disease Control recommending seniors 60 and older stay home due to the higher risk of complications due to the coronavirus in older people, seniors can really feel isolated, lonely, or fall into a depression.  This is why it is…

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Grandma and grandaughter

Thanksgiving Dishes for Seniors with Diet Restrictions

Thanksgiving dishes for seniors with diet restrictions.  Thanksgiving is a time for family to get together.  A Thanksgiving tradition is to enjoy dinner together with some dishes being staples for the holiday.  What if a loved one has heart disease, diabetes, celiac disease, or some other health issue?  This doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy eating some of the traditional…

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dementia and alzheimer's care at home

Basic Tech Tips for Seniors

Basic tech tips for seniors.  Technology can be very helpful in the daily lives of seniors, but it is consistently evolving and can be a bit intimidating.  It is important to help older adults understand and stay up to date with all of the new technology, so they can keep up with their families.  Basic Tips to Help Seniors Be Tech Savvy:  Change…

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Transitioning Home After Being in the Hospital

Transitioning home after being in the hospital.  The transition from the hospital to home is a critical time for seniors in how they will fully recover.  Seniors can experience complications once home from the hospital, which may end them back into the hospital.  Plus there will probably be new medications that they need to take, eating a healthy well-balanced diet…

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Ways for Seniors to Stay Healthy

Ways for seniors to stay healthy.  For seniors, it can be difficult for the body to battle an illness and the recovery time, from an illness like the flu, can be drastically longer.  As you age, your immune system becomes weaker. Immune System and Seniors The immune system is your  protection against substances like bacteria and viruses. The immune system…

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Caregiver with senior woman in-home care

Importance of Keeping Indpendence with Senior Home Care

Importance of keeping independence with senior home care.  This is an important topic when it comes to finding home care in Mesa Arizona and the surrounding cities.  Being younger adults without the health issues, we may not realize all of the challenges that come with getting older.  A huge hurdle that seniors deal with as they age is being able…

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dementia and alzheimer's care at home

What is Cognitive Training?

What is Cognitive Training?  This is a question that people may ask if you have never heard of Cognitive Training, also known as Brain Training.  Just how the rest of your body needs movement (exercise), so does your brain.  Think of it as a brain fitness program.  Cognitive training is beneficial for seniors with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. The idea…

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Looking for home care in Mesa

Looking for Home Care in Mesa?

Finding the right home care in Mesa or surrounding cities can be overwhelming with all of the choices available.  The first decision you need to make is should you hire a caregiver independently by placing ads, using Facebook, or word of mouth?  Or should you find a locally owned home care agency?  Here are the questions you need to answer, which will…

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How Exercising Benefits Seniors

Being healthy is just not about what we eat, staying active helps keep you healthy in addition to a well-balanced diet.  Exercising for seniors is more than staying in shape and having strong muscles, exercising can have a positive impact on your mental well-being as well. For seniors in Arizona, this is a great time of year to exercise outdoors.  …

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Caregiver providing in home care to client with heart failure

How to Live with Heart Failure

Doctors tell their patients with heart failure that they need to make changes with their lives.  Usually this entails changing their eating habits, remembering to take more medications, identifying changes in their bodies and reducing their stress level. This can be very overwhelming for someone dealing with an illness, not to mention the emotions that the person is going through knowing that…

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